“A Few Good Men” by Sarah Hoyt (Perihelion review, May 2014)

Looks like an interesting indie book. Kind of an amazing cover 🙂


Good Men and Monsters

AFTER THE NEBULA AND HUGO, THE PROMETHEUS Award is one of the oldest and most enduring fan-based awards in Science Fiction. Established in 1979, the award has been presented annually since 1982 at the World Science Fiction Convention. Nominees must dramatize the conflict between individuals and coercive governments, champion human rights, promote personal and economic liberty, explore a free future, or critique the tragic consequences of abuse of power, especially by the State. Sarah Hoyt’s “Darkship Thieves” won the 2011 Prometheus Award in Reno, and “A Few Good Men,” the third novel in this series, has been short-listed for the 2014 Hugo in London.

On the dystopian Earth of this novel, the ruling party—inaptly known as The Good Men—are killing millions with carefully engineered “natural” disasters. Homosexuality is a crime. The son of the Good Man of Olympic Seacity is barely holding onto his sanity after…

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2 responses to ““A Few Good Men” by Sarah Hoyt (Perihelion review, May 2014)

  1. John, it certainly is an interesting novel. The leading man is gay. His best friend is gay. Gotta wait for the sequel to see where this is gonna go. 🙂 The opening page is marvelous. Thx for reblogging!

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