Being Interviewed Is An Honor To Me

I literally just got done with a podcast interview (which I’ll promote when he sends me the info). My first audio interview ever, and I admit I was kind of nervous. I tried not to let it show. Can’t believe Armand has done so many though — wow, incredible.



I’ve been asked many, many times to be interviewed over the last 3 or so years, and I get excited every time. Whether it is an e-mail interview, podcast interview via Skype or in person, it is usually enjoyable. It is definitely helping me to reach new potential readers, too…

I’ve lost count of the interviews I’ve done and I’m way too lazy to go back and figure out a number. I know it is between 1 and 987 (I don’t believe I’ve done 988 or more). I know they’ve all been fun. Hell, even the interviews that were boring are fun because it let me see what not to do when I was interviewing someone, so each time it is a learning experience. 

I’m hoping to do more interviews soon, because January 1st 2015 the new year of Authors Supporting Our Troops officially begins. I want to create more…

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4 responses to “Being Interviewed Is An Honor To Me

  1. Cool. I’ll get to hear what your voice sounds like. Do you sound like Vincent Price?

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