DIY is worth a lot

I was lucky enough to beta read it. Absolutely incredible story, had me tearing through the pages when I was supposed to be looking for problems. Worst beta self-control ever 🙂

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

Dell Zero, my first science-fiction novel, is almost ready to go. And whew!Dell_2

I’m sure I hold the record for the number of uploads to Kindle Direct Publishing, attempting to get my desired ebook layout. My effort feels like the greatest, worst, and most exhausting. The final arrangement is not exactly what I wanted, but if ever I need to correct a typo, I can do it myself. Being able to do it yourself is worth a lot.

There are many ways to achieve good ebook formatting, and the best is to have a professional do it! Some of my friends achieve the results they want with techniques I don’t know. “It’s easy,” they say. Not for me.

Of all the advice I found in forums and blog posts, Amazon’s “Building Your Book For Kindle” (a free Kindle book) was easiest and most helpful. I wish its writer would write…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, John–and your endorsement. Where do I pay?

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