The Reconstruction Years: The Tragic Aftermath of the War Between the States

ReconYearsWalter Coffey’s latest book looks great, can’t wait to pick it up. His awesome month-by-month account of the Civil War was a great read, too.

I haven’t read his latest book about The Reconstruction (click the cover), but if it’s anything like his Civil War book, it’ll be quality material. I also enjoyed Walter’s Civil War novels.

Full Disclosure: I know this guy, personally. He’s also blogged about me, and one could assume that “I owe him” (and they’d be right).  However, I wouldn’t steer folks wrong publicly like this and risk alienating them.  Sadly, because I know Walter personally, I can’t add him to the list of great Indie Reads over on the left, but if anyone deserves a spot there, he does.


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