11 Lame Excuses for Not Writing (And Why They’re Lame)

I refuse to write another novel until all the children of the world are fed and all people live as one…that’s MY excuse.


writers-block (1)

There’s really no good reason why you can’t devote a little time every day to your writing (or something else you love). I hear a lot of excuses; “I can’t write because blah blah and blah,” and I’m here to tell you to flip your excuse-maker to its “off” position. If you love it, do it. Every. Single. Day. No matter what.

Here are some of the most common lame excuses for not writing as much as you could be:

11. Nobody wants to read my stuff.

Write for yourself first. Once you start to write for you first, and focus on the things that tickle your writer fancy and that get those writer juices flowing, writing becomes much more fulfilling and enjoyable to you. A byproduct of that is that your writing is better, which makes people wanna read it. If you are too concerned with what others want…

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