Hey hey, you’re the Monkeys

So the results of the poll are in: 4 for the “monkies”, 2 for “kissing cousins” (thanks Carol), and 1 for “poll dancers” . The poll technically goes on forever, so if you wanna be “Lava Demons” you still have time…(I sort of like Lava Demons, but hey…whatever).

And yes, I know I spelled monkeys incorrectly in the poll — poetic license.

Speaking of poems, I wrote these about ten years ago. They were just sitting on my hard drive, not doing anything, so…I’m making you read them now.

– The Man –

The Man walked down the thoroughfare,
With an air of, “I don’t care”,
And though we all tried not to stare,
He had no pants or underwear.

– The Plant –

A funny plant upon my sill,
Thought it was a daffodil,
And though it clearly wasn’t one,
Still, it dazzled in the sun,
More daffodil than anyone.

– The Wise Man from Afar –

I speaketh in first person,
And I speaketh what is true.
I think that I can safely say,
That I know more than you.

I’ve come with words to set you free,
For I am wise and clever,
But as for you, please think of me,
As: better late than never.

Oh, I’m from a lofty castle far,
In a land you can’t pronounce.
I’ve traveled to your humble land,
To give you one last chounce!

My my…I think I meant to say,
To give you one last chance!
But I was tangled in a web,
Of poetic eloquence…quance…hmm.

Oh well, back to where I started,
In a lofty castle far,
Where, inspired, I departed,
To spread my wisdom far!

To express my…hmm…wait a minute,
No – there’s something wrong with that.
Please pardon me…I swear I didn’t ,
Plan “far” and “far” to rhyme like that.

And “didn’t”…should it ever rhyme with “minute”?
And what about “that” and “that”?!
I had it for a minute…then I didn’t,
Then I…Oh screw it, I’m going home.


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