Marathon watching “Alaska: The Last Frontier” on Discovery

What a great show.  A big family of homesteaders in Alaska who spend their summers preparing for winter, and their winters hoping they’ve stockpiled enough food and wood to burn.  They live off the land and maintain the same equipment for 20 years. They laugh and carry on and have fun too, but they don’t have time to stage any “goofing off” shots like they do on Duck Dynasty or other “reality” shows (note: I love the guys on Duck Dynasty, but it’s a way different show).  The closest they came was when the patriarch of the family, Otto Kilcher, sawed off the top of a car to make a sled to get his hay in for the winter–so that his cattle wouldn’t starve due to an early snowstorm.  But he wasn’t above hopping on for a ride while his son, Eivin, dragged it by ATV to the pasture.

Netflix has a bunch of seasons available for streaming, and I’m watching them back to back:

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Eve Kilcher, Eivin’s wife, with one of the many salmon they will need to keep them alive through the winter.


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