Green as a Bean

What a great post from an author I envy 🙂


Here I am, doing my best to review every one of the Konrath 8-hour Challenge books, and to ask dumb questions over on KindleBoards, and to be supportive to other writers, and having no time to work on my sequel to Hyperlink, which is all my own fault, really, and, golly, all these commas are starting to make me feel sick, so I can’t imagine how you feel about them, and–


Did you know that there’s an indie writer over on KindleBoards who writes and publishes TEN BOOKS a year?


And they aren’t crap books. She has millions of fans, and she’s earned them. And she’s helpful. Really helpful. Posts all the time about how she does it… and how we can, too.

*Deletes all the swearing and takes Deep Breath*

Time to ward off the evil, green-eyed monster, again. Luckily, months ago — before I’d heard…

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