Uh oh, speed trap!


Ok, so here I am writing at 105 miles an hour and along comes the reality police to ruin all my fun.  The problem is, I’ve only been to a few countries, and my main character isn’t traveling to any of those. Now I’m going back and forth between YouTube and Google images and satellite maps and travel guides, trying to get my guy believably from point A to B and one day maybe to Z, and I hate that I had to slow down.  The good news is it seems to be coming together–not too technical, not too wordy, not looking like I’m getting it all from Google and/or travel books.  My strategy is to get enough in there so I don’t have to keep it up.  Just enough believability so I can get to what really matters: the story.

My main enemies:

  1. Local rules and behavior
  2. Local prices
  3. Finding pictures of the places I want to see.

I shouldn’t complain–we’re really pampered these days with all the technology at our fingertips.


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