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Trixy Chestity: Zombie Apocalypse

I almost decided not to publish this story or make it available. Mainly because it departs somewhat from my other Trixy Chestity story, which I published in Stories On The Go.  The Trixy in the Zombie Apocalypse is a bit more mercenary, to quote Awesome Indie Lindy Moone.  Still, I think it’s a fun little story.  I decided to offer it free on Amazon’s brand new site “Write On” — essentially, their answer to Wattpad.




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Just discovered “Wattpad” – and J.M. Sidorova

Yesterday, I discovered a wonderful place for writers called “Wattpad.”  A nice site, you can go there and post excerpts from your writing in a community setting and people can look at it, comment, vote, etc. etc.  Pretty cool. I figured I should follow people so I clicked a few people at random with the intent to come back later.  Then I got an email saying someone had commented on the first chapter from my book.  A nice comment, so naturally I was intrigued and had to go find out more about this wise, intelligent, mysterious person.

This wise person had also commented on someone else, so I went to read that (which is how it works).

If the rest of the writing on Wattpad is anything like this, I’ll be spending a lot of time there:

The Colors of Cold

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