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My wife’s now ahead of me in the Hardcore History Podcast

So, my wife just got back from a blogger conference in Savanna Georgia (Fit Bloggin’), and when she got home the first thing she did was yell at me.  You see, she had all this great music lined up to  listen to for the 9 hour drive. Instead, she devoured all the Genghis Khan stuff and now she’s in the middle of WWI.  We just went to dinner and she wouldn’t stop talking about WWI.

I never knew any of this, growing up.  Fascinating stuff.

In case you missed it:



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The Hardcore History Podcast

hh_headerLately I’ve become a podcast maniac.  I’ve totally destroyed all the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcasts, and moved on to new ones to fill in the time between Thursdays (when Simon Whistler puts up a new one).

I highly, absolutely, positively, megamaximally, recommend “The Hardcore History Podcast“, by Dan Carlin.  If you wanna be on the same page as me, start with the series called “The wrath of the Khans”.  It’s all about Gengis Khan.  You don’t know anything about Gengis Khan until you’ve listened to this. This guy really knows his stuff.

I told my wife about it when I got home last week, talking it up like I’m talking it up now, and she wasn’t all that interested.  Then we went to a friend’s house, too many miles away, and I put it on–and she was hooked.  We also listened to it on the way home.  We listened to it the next day, and the next when we went out to eat somewhere.  I ended up listening to the whole thing twice, just so she could listen to it too, but I didn’t mind.

Check it out…


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