small_kickIf you died and woke up in a serial killer’s body, what would you do? What if it happened again? And what if it wouldn’t stop happening?

Fifteen years into his strange afterlife, Dan Jenkins is still answering those questions — as a deranged killer digging graves in the desert and racking up a body count one young woman at a time…as an enforcer for a vicious motorcycle gang…as a junkie sociopath terrorizing a beach community.

Dan handles each “ride” as he always has — by emptying their bank accounts and living it up until he’s finally kicked out of their bodies. But before that happens, he’ll need to stop his host from hurting anyone else. It’s one of the rules if he wants more rides. More rides means more movies and fishing trips, and more of those little apple pies they sell at gas stations and convenience stores, because they’re just that good.

For a dead guy, it’s a pretty good gig…until someone changes the rules.


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