Author C.W. Thomas: Children Of The Falls

Thought I’d share — me, posing with C.W. Thomas’s “Children Of The Falls” series. I just got the books today, and I have to say they’re simply stunning to look at. My ugly mug? Not so much, ha ha.  Oh, and the maps inside are incredible–makes me want to write high fantasy just so I can get a cool map. Enjoy.






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4 responses to “Author C.W. Thomas: Children Of The Falls

  1. I bow in humble thanks to you, Jedi Master.

  2. Dale M. Baranoski

    Hey John,

    Just an FYI, I left a 5 for 5 star review on Barnes and Noble for “Kick.” Id paste it here but Im doing this via my Nook which means I couldnt cut it to paste it. Nook sucks that way. Anyway, wanted you to know that I am a prolific reader and know top knotch reads, and you are most definitly top knotch, top shelf, etc.! Im know I cant be the only one to compare Kick to Dean Kootz’s Odd Thomas in both type of book AND writing ability. You ARE that good! I wish you well and hope you make this a full time gig, the world needs you and your books!

    Dale M. Baranoski

    • Wow, Dale, that’s awesome of you! I really appreciate the kind words and the review. I really liked Odd Thomas, and have read a few in that series. I even liked the movie. 🙂

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