Indies With Undies

If you have the time, read the whole thing. If you don’t have the time, you should wear a watch.


DEAR READERS, WRITERS, and people who stumbled upon this blog because of its most popular post ever (“You Can’t Shave a Vagina”):

I am proud to be an Indie Author, and Indie Pride Day is July 1st. What happens on Indie Pride Day? Look, I made a pretty poster to tell you all about it, and there are no vaginas in sight:
Indie Books Be Seen posterA friend asked me today: what is an Indie Author? My definition of an Indie Author is either a self-published author (one who publishes directly, through Amazon and other online outlets), or an author who publishes through a small “independent” publishing house.

Indies are the folks who refuse to submit query after query for months or years to try to get an literary agent. Having an agent is a necessity if you want a book to even be considered by an editor at the big publishing houses.

Here’s a rough…

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5 responses to “Indies With Undies

  1. So John sends me this evil email, right? And the email is theatening that he will reblog my post with its evil typo if I don’t get back to him in, like 12 seconds. And he did it. Evil John. Evil.
    (Thanks for the reblog, John. You are dead to me.) 😉

    • You’re not going to believe my excuse, but here goes:
      1) I thought the “sample” that would appear on my blog wouldn’t include so much text from your post, but it die — including the typo.
      2) I was in a hurry.
      3) I’m a stinker.

  2. OK, I’ll forgive you this time. I see you posted a gift typo in your comment. You are a good (evil) guy…

  3. He is truly evil. I think he got that way from reading my books.

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