Reblog: May 2015 Numbers

The best book marketing is perseverance. Have a look for yourself.

K. McKinley's Blog

Words Written:           19622

I did suffer some lazy writing moments, but I hope that I’ve overcome them. I ended up going back to the beginning of what I’m currently writing and added a couple more chapters from another characters point of view. I think it flows a lot better now, and it’s possibly why I was having a hard time writing. Sometimes my brain just won’t let me continue when it knows something isn’t right. I just wish it was better at clueing me in on the issue.

Sales:                           106

Borrows:                     456

Free Downloads:         29

So, yeah, I really like KDP Unlimited. Those numbers are amazing, the best I’ve seen in the almost three years I’ve been published. I realize I’m technically losing money by being in it, however, after all this time I know that I wouldn’t be getting that many sales if my books weren’t in it. It’s…

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