Why authors should never comment on negative reviews of their own books

Fun/helpful post for authors, hat tip to Lindy Moone.

Thought Scratchings

6a00d834515ae969e2017c35817072970bYou’ve written a book. It’s been published. Your agent told you that he/she has never read a book like it. Your publisher has told you that your voice is entirely unique. The quotes from celebrities on the front cover of your book reinforce this sense of untouchable brilliance. The first fifty amazon reviews have flooded in from industry people who are encouraged to display kindness. Traction begins…but all of these opinions are inherently biased.

Then comes the first negative review from Jeremy, from Hounslow. Your brain immediately reacts by telling you that Jeremy must be mentally ill. Then you decide he must be a troll. (Because you’ve convinced yourself that you are so special, that there are people alive who spend their free time attacking your books, hoping you say something, because that’s how you think they think they will get famous. Even though nobody read your last novel.) So…

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4 responses to “Why authors should never comment on negative reviews of their own books

  1. “The first fifty amazon reviews have flooded in…”

    Hmm, after I get the first fifty glowing reviews I probably won’t care very much about a one-star snotball.

  2. Hey, have you seen the layout for the MasterClass by James Patterson? 24 videos for $90. I’m curious about it and would love your thoughts.

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    • This is the first time I’ve heard of “masterclass.” Looked it up — sounds interesting in general, learning from “the best” in a given field/discipline. But I’ve never actually read any James Patterson. Now, if there was a masterclass given by the late/great Robert B. Parker, I’d pay 90 bucks and consider it a bargain 🙂

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