For Whom The Bell Trolls

This is an excerpt of David Lawlor’s “Boiling Point” — his contribution to “For Whom The Bell Trolls,” the charity anthology I recently helped edit. I intend to post an excerpt of my own story sometime later. You can get the whole book now and beat everyone to the punch, which will establish your literary supremacy 🙂


A short while ago a group of authors got together to write an anthology of humorous and dark work, called For Whom The Bell Trolls. The authors receive no financial reward for their work. Net profits go to the charity, Equality Now. However, that’s not the reason to read this book – the reason  to read it is because it is hugely entertaining and  brilliantly illustrated.

Each story or poem is based around the theme of trolls. You will find some great writing inside, trust me on that. Here is a snippet of my own short story, Boiling Point, which I’m proud to have had included in this great ‘antrollogy’…

troll noun:troll; plural noun: trolls (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

John Darby stood by the front door and steeled himself for the weekly ordeal. He adjusted the peak of…

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