Another thing to hate about traditional publishing

brian_thomsenI went to recommend a book to a friend today and the damn thing’s out of print:

This is a book I’d like to read again one day.  Nevermind the dumb reviews — it’s a great book. Lots of Easter Eggs for anyone over 40 yrs old.

Dammit, gonna buy it.

*Update: the Internet’s an amazing thing, but sometimes it breaks your heart. The poor man died in 2008. *

*Update 2: the book arrives in the mail in about 5 days in “very good” condition.*



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11 responses to “Another thing to hate about traditional publishing

  1. Regarding having to buy a print book: sometimes you have to do what you have to do. And my sympathies for your loss. I felt the same way when I learned there would be no more books from Louise Fitzhugh, author of Harriet the Spy and I am Five.

  2. I guess god needed an author….

  3. An author’s untimely demise may explain the wildfire sales of “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo,” or so I’ve heard. John, I had the opposite experience with a beloved author. Her novel was faded, old and out of print when I discovered it in 1974. I’ve read it a dozen times or more. Only last year, I discovered the author was alive until the 1990s, and I could have written her fan letters, and she’d have replied!! Gaaahh!!!! Thank heaven for social media. Authors today are accessible as never before. Thanks Google and Wikipedia for making the world that much smaller, and that much bigger.

  4. Great book. I’m a huge Forgotten Realms fan, have close to 200 paperbacks in the series and try to keep up.

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