Sunday Word Count: out sick (3k)

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)

What a weird last couple of days.  I thought I had the flu on Friday — weakness, nausea — and found out I had intestinal issues on Saturday. Then I went to the hospital, where they suspected blockage (based on a CT scan) and put me up for the day/night.  I’m fine now, no signs of blockage or what the issue was, just that there was an issue. I got home about 30 minutes ago.

Official word count:

2k for a short story draft I did for my Goodreads group (Proactive Destruction) but didn’t get to submit because I never got to edit it.

1k for my Jenkins Cycle book 3.




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4 responses to “Sunday Word Count: out sick (3k)

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, Mr. Monk.

  2. Wow, I hope that never happens to you again. Sounds horrible, glad you’re better.

    • Thank you Kristine, me too!

      Also, to anyone catching the Sunday Word Count on some far off future date: see what happens when you don’t tune every Sunday to see my stupid word count? You miss out!!

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