Repost: Interview with Tom Covenent

Cool author interview site I found.


Name Tom Covenent

Age 55

Where are you from

London, England

A little about yourself `ie your education Family life etc

I’m an Englishman, born and bred. My parents were divorced when I was a youngster and I spent a few years living between the two of them as they tried to build new lives from the devastated landscape of their marriage! I have several siblings but don’t have anything much to do with them as we were spread far and wide.

I left formal education as soon as I was allowed and got myself a job. My employer sent me to college where I learned about computers and technology at a time when nobody had a computer. I learned to get drunk and have fun, going to rock concerts (I saw Frank Zappa live!).

Basically I enjoyed the pleasures of life as often and as much as I could…eventually…

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