Sunday Word Count: 3000

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)

Not a great week.  Started off with some sleeping issues (going to bed too late, waking up too late), and to be honest some laziness issues — watching TV when I should have been working. I don’t even remember what I watched. Oh yeah, a ton of Key and Peele videos on the Roku player. They sure are funny…

Next week, I hope to beat this week’s word count by at least 4k words, as usual. I haven’t reached that special spot in the novel where it all rolls easily downhill yet.  I hope when that happens the counts will be much higher. We shall see.



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3 responses to “Sunday Word Count: 3000

  1. I’ve done horrible this month. There is just so much going on family wise that when I have time to write I’m exhausted and don’t want to 😦 So don’t feel bad for not making it this week you are so not alone.

  2. Heh, thanks Kristine. At least you are doing stuff with your family. Hang in there.

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