Indie Speculative Fiction Showcase, November 2014

I’m flattered that my book, Fool’s Ride, was chosen to stand side-by-side with all these great-looking books.  Just check all the cool covers.  I’m torn between “The Immortality Game” and “Bridge of Seven Stones” for my favorites.



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5 responses to “Indie Speculative Fiction Showcase, November 2014

  1. P.T. Hylton

    Congrats! And I agree; Immortality Game looks great.

  2. Ted

    Thank you for the mention! I am very happy with how the cover turned out.

    • My pleasure. You’re off to a great start with that amazing cover — and I enjoyed the sample part of your book on Amazon.

      • Ted

        You series actually looks interesting to me (it’s one of my big dreads these days, feeling compelled to check out books by all authors who look at mine, since many of them don’t appeal to me. I got a copy of your first, but please be patient with me! I’ve been flooded with interesting books lately so I have quite a queue to work through.

  3. Hah, Ted, I know what you mean (the dread). Nice of you to pick it up.

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