The Bad Box by Harvey Click

I knew him when… A masterpiece.


The better the book, the harder it is for me to review.  This one is making me work extra      hard. Buy it here for $2.99 and the adrenalin rush will far outlast the price of a coffee.

.{{ Buried alive – shudder! }}

QUICK SYNOPSIS: Sarah Temple leaves her abusive boyfriend and moves into an apartment complex in the worst part of town, where her neighbors include a tough little one-hundred-year-old woman who packs a pistol, a quiet ghost of a man, and a mysterious woman of the evening who hasn’t quite mastered high heels on stairs.  Men come to visit the sexy blonde upstairs, but like the roaches in that pesticide commercial, they don’t always check out. When Sarah finds out why, she has to move again. Not only her ex-boyfriend but now a sick, sick, sick serial killer are out to get her. Worse, a mysterious Solitary One controls both stalkers. He’s “a living darkness, a…

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