Sunday Word Count: 8000

ralphieSomehow I hit 8k this week. I had ups, I had downs, then the internet went way down for three days, and a light appeared at the end of the tunnel — I couldn’t check Facebook!  I couldn’t watch cute cat videos!  Suddenly I had no reason to miss my 7k word count goal for the week.

Actually, in retrospect, I should have hit a higher number. I mean, even our television channels weren’t working. We were like our prehistoric ancestors who had to talk to each other and play board games.

The horror…the horror. I hear the drums…they are coming.



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2 responses to “Sunday Word Count: 8000

  1. Awesome work! 8k is no simple feat… be damn proud of yourself!

    Now keep the internet and TV off and hit another 8k this coming week…


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