Sunday Word Count — 6,000

(he has yellow eyes!)

(he has yellow eyes!)

Yeah, it’s a Scutt Farkus. It’s been one of those weeks — a great week for everything but writing. I had a Pixel of Ink ad on Friday, a Bookbub yesterday, One Hundred Free Books and a few other sites picked me up, and today I have an Ereader News Today ad going out.  As of this blog post, I’m ranked #7 in the kindle store (see previous post, which I’ve updated to as the rank’s improved), and now I see this cool little widget over on the amazon page — some sort of “author ranking” system Amazon is beta testing.  Can’t believe I’m #82 (not gonna last, hehe). Click the picture to see the authors:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.04.38 AM



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6 responses to “Sunday Word Count — 6,000

  1. That’s two barrels and a cannon. WTG, JLM!

  2. P.T. Hylton

    Cool! You’re above Bram Stoker and Robert Kirkman.

  3. Congrats John. After finishing Kick and Fool’s Ride, I’m a fan.

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