Unofficial Video Review of “Kick”

This is an unofficial video review of “Kick” by someone who may or may not be P.T. Hylton, author of “Regulation 19” (hypothetically). I hesitate to post this on my so-called “blog” for fear drawing the attention of certain dangerous elements in the spooky regions of cyberspace. If you watch this video, be sure to wear headphones so nobody can hear it. It’s very hush hush…




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6 responses to “Unofficial Video Review of “Kick”

  1. He hasn’t read Scott Lynch, but he’s read John L Monk. Woot!

  2. Nice–though I wish he’d go ahead and fully review it. You have too many friends, John, so now nobody wants to review your books. You need to develop a nastier personality so nobody will want to be your friend. I can give you some free lessons.

    Oh, and tell Mr. Hylton that if he wants to read GREAT P. K. Dick, he should try The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch instead of The Man in the High Castle. The latter has gotten far more attention than it deserves; it’s rather weak (and, yawn, boring) for PKD.

  3. Are we sure he had coffee in that cup?

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