Demon Frenzy by Harvey Click

Carol Kean reviews Awesome Indie Harvey Click — please go there and have a look. Be sure to hit ‘like’ and/or reblog 🙂


I have a bone to pick with Harvey Click.

DISCLAIMER: I did not have to read this book. I do not owe any author a review of this book. I don’t know Harvey Click from Twitter.  I do know him from Adam, because his name and author bio are right here at amazon.

Here’s another thing: I don’t even like horror stories or movies. And another thing: dozens of authors have sent me books in hopes of scoring a review, and most get buried deep in my Kindle. So how did this book rise to the top of my queue without any pleading or nudging from anyone?

“Demon Frenzy” popped up in the Free Today list from Kindle.  The cover is grotesque: 

I wouldn’t even have read the synopsis, but my peripheral vision and speed-reading skills are so phenomenal,*a sister in search of her lost brother* (Ding! Ding! Ding!) caught fire…

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2 responses to “Demon Frenzy by Harvey Click

  1. Thanks for reblogging me, John (can you imagine our ancestors reading messages of the future and wondering what the heck we’re talking about?).

    • I wish my ancestors from the future would suck me in through their time machine, put my brain in a robot body, and let me watch all the great television I’d missed in the last 500 years. But whatever…stupid impossibility horizon.

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