August Numbers

One author’s outlook on sales (funny)…

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Number of Books Sold:                    1

Number of Free Downloads:           83

August was a disappointing month. I just had one sale. My second book was purchased but they didn’t go through and buy the rest. This has only happened twice before. Sometimes it takes weeks but they always go back and buy the next in the series. The person that bought the second one probably died. That’s really the only possible reason the rest of the books weren’t purchased.

My Free downloads weren’t as much as last month but they were more than June, so I’m fine with them. I had a few days where I had several downloaded in a day. But then I had a few days where I had none downloaded. The graph looks like a roller coaster ride.

Monthly Word Count Goal:           7350

Words Written:                                 6288

Books Read:                                      22

As you can…

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2 responses to “August Numbers

  1. CaryLory Becker

    Well I bought and loved Kick and am waiting for book 2. Will it be published.

    I think a book of 18 pages should be free for subscribers to your newsletter—i.e. FoglandThanks Carylory

    Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 02:22:06 +0000 To:

    • Heya Cary 🙂

      I had my Fogland story up for free for a while, and am thinking of doing it again. One thing about the Fogland stories (of which I only wrote one): they are free on Mark Capell’s website to listen to. Lots of good ones there.

      I really should get a newsletter. For now, I just have the blog. If you look at the top, you’ll see a tab labeled “Fun”. I’ve posted some short, theoretically “funny” pieces there. I’m particularly fond of “Valentine’s Day, Alone”.

      I do plan to publish book 2, I just have to finish the initial editing, get it to my beta readers, then an editor, then format it, then publish. Lots of “then” going on huh? I’m hoping to have it for sale within the next few months.

      Thanks again for reading, very happy you liked it.


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