July’s CALLING ALL INDIES! Winner is…

Haha, look at this — Awesome Indie Harvey’s gone and won an award! Congratulations Harvey! You’re evil though, just saying…

Dirty Little Bookers

harvey clickPlease join us in congratulating Mr. Harvey Click for being this month’s CALLING ALL INDIES! winner!

The Dirty Little Bookers witches will be reading and reviewing Click’s horror, The Bad Box. Stay tuned for an author interview, character interview and more, and pick yourself up a copy by clicking on the cover image below so you can join our ongoing discussion about the book and author.

A warning, though: not all witches will be reading The Bad Box. It’s too scary. Honestly, really dark. Those of you who can handle gore of the scratch-at-your-spine, something’s-behind-the-couch variety, get onboard ’cause it’s badass.

thebadboxSarah Temple hopes to find a bit of peace and quiet when she leaves her abusive boyfriend, but instead she finds a world of horror. It’s bad enough that a sadistic serial killer and another maniac are both trying to murder her, but what’s worse is the mysterious Solitary One who controls both…

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2 responses to “July’s CALLING ALL INDIES! Winner is…

  1. Thanks, John! We evil mothers have to stick together.

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