Hyperlink from Hell by Lindy Moone

A good review by Carol Kean for our awesome indie Lindy Moone. And since when do we refer to “Awesome Indies” using the royal “our”? And where did that royal “wee” come from? And who’s gonna clean up this wizzy mess?! And should exclamation points ever follow question marks?!?! And why did I start my question/exclamation with a conjunction? And oh no, I did it again!!
As you can see, Just thinking about Hyperlink from Hell gets me/us a bit wacky 🙂
Enjoy! (?)


I never did believe those disclaimers authors put up front in their novels: “This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real-life people is coincidental.” Lindy Moone was parented by mental health professionals, and her grandfather worked in or lived near a castle like Hyperlink’s, so there is some real-life inspiration that gives this unbelievable novel a bizarre authenticity. The mental patients are so vivid and real, they can only be taken straight from real life. Real people, after all, are stranger than fictional characters.

I must not be as unhinged as I’ve suspected, because for all my willing suspension of disbelief, I couldn’t tell what was going on in Hyperlink from Hell. I envy the reviewer who writes, “I’d nearly finished the book before I realized who Al and Jimmie represent.” I hate being obtuse! People often have to explain jokes to me, which makes me shake my…

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