Fireworks, as an adult with money

fireworksLast year, my wife got us one of those horrible packs of fireworks with sparklers and snakes and little swishy spouts of colored flame.  As a kid, I always wanted rockets and firecrackers and M-80s and pipe bombs.  This year, she went to a bloggers’ conference in Savannah, and when she got home she had rockets and firecrackers and M-5000s and this enormous thing in a box.  I would have loved this stuff when I was a kid.  And when we lit that box, fire rained down from the sky, banshees screamed into the air and terrifying explosions rattled the bones in my chest.  It was awesome…if I was a kid.  But as an adult, the only thing I could think was, “I’m so going to jail for this shit…”




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4 responses to “Fireworks, as an adult with money

  1. I’m more worried about everyone’s poor sensitive dog!

  2. We had a lot of fireworks going off on all sides of the house which was fun to watch. And of course the ambulances that came around at the end of the street to pick up some dude who probably blew off his finger.

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