Indie Author Appreciation Day: Mystery writer Lynda Wilcox

Lindy Moone reads a LOT of indies, apparently. Without her, I wouldn’t have known about the various Awesome Indies on the left side of my blog — I simply don’t have the time, or the money, to wade through Amazon’s tsunami of petunias to find them. So here’s another one of her favorites, though I haven’t read Lynda Wilcox’s book yet. Maybe you, my slavish blog followers, can get the drop on me for a change? 🙂


Last Indie Author Appreciation Day I brought you horror writer extraordinaire, Harvey Click. Today, I’m in the mood for something (someone?) substantially less… gory.

Introducing Lynda Wilcox, author of the Verity Long Mysteries — charming books to cozy up to in the wee hours, while the hubby’s sonorous snoring, once so endearing, now brings thoughts of murder to mind. Thank goodness you have a murder to solve, and not to perpetrate!

For those of you who don’t know, a “cozy” is a mystery in which the crime is solved by someone other than the police, the FBI, or even a private investigator — a private citizen with a tendency to trip over bodies, and a keen eye for the facts. In some cases, it’s an old lady who could out-sleuth the pros with two knitting needles tied behind her back. (Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, the ultimate cozy crime solver, for example.) In the Verity Long Mysteries, our heroine  (um…

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