Hello, World (REDUX)!

Thomas A. Mays rejoices, and we rejoice with him. 15k download$ making him an instant Amazon best-seller, 10k blog views. Happy day. I shall now reblog him, bringing his blog view total to 10,002!

The Improbable Author

Last time I did this, a whole lot less of the world was colored in.  But now? 

BOOYAH!!  Check that out:


You could almost circumnavigate off that map.  The Improbable Author has now had over 10,000 views, which I realize are merely a single afternoon’s numbers for John Scalzi, but I’m geeking out about it pretty hard nonetheless.  Most of my readership (and most of my ASID sales) are in the ol’ USA, naturally, followed in a distant second by the UK, then Canada, Australia, and Germany.  Sweden is next, which is a bit of a surprise, but then you’ve got Brazil, which is a HUGE surprise.  My wife is Portuguese-American, but not the South/Brazil brand of either of those ethnicities, and I’m a northern European – Native American mutt.  No ties there other than a love of kick-ass science fiction and pithy blogging, one supposes.  Either way, I’ve got a…

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2 responses to “Hello, World (REDUX)!

  1. Thanks, for “Kick”ing this forward, John. Love the blog!

    • Happy to, and thanks for the compliment. Or is it complement? Ahh, well, it’s the principle that counts. Or is it the principal? And why’s he counting, he should principating. That’s not even a word. Man, I need coffee, followed by a pre-noon nap.

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