Clare Boothe Luce / “No good deed goes unpunished”

Clare Boothe Luce. This woman’s writing makes me green with jealousy. A real mover and shaker, she nixes the “his” right out of “history”.
2 quotes (go to the site to see more):
* All autobiographies are alibi-ographies.
here’s another…
* Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but unlike charity, it should end there.


Sounds like something Mark Twain would have said, right? According to, the phrase has been attributed to Oscar Wilde and to Clare Booth Luce but the origin is actually not known. Of course I’m sidetracked now by this woman, her many witty quotes (I have been too involved with living to write much – or well – about life) and her little-known fight for the Jewish people.

Clare Boothe Luce (March 10, 1903 — October 9, 1987)

Clare Booth Luce by Van Vechten.jpg1932 photo by Carl Van Vechten / “a deceptively fragile blonde beauty”

A Connecticut journalist writes:

…..Luce, who passed away in 1987, is usually remembered for her accomplishments in the theatrical world and, especially, for advancing the role of women in politics. But her outspoken support of Holocaust rescue and Jewish statehood, and her key role in making the “Jewish vote” a part of American political culture, add a new dimension to the legacy of…

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