Indie Author Appreciation Day!

I had no idea today was dedicated to me (and one or two others, I suppose). But whatever, it was. Here’s a short essay on audiobooks by Mark Capell, creator of the Fogland project, and whose book you can see over on the left under “Awesome Indies.” You’ll also see “Hyperlink From Hell”, another awesome indie book, and the creator of Indie Author Appreciation Day.


It’s Indie Author Appreciation Day! (Yes, I just made that up.) Today, I’m appreciating Mark Capell, author of Cafe Insomniac and much, much more, including this guest post:

Will Audiobooks Change Writing Styles?

by Mark Capell

Recently, brokered a deal with the author David Hewson to publish his latest book, Flood, well ahead of its print run. As audiobooks rise in popularity, will the way they’re written change?

As David pointed out, audio “is the original form of storytelling. It’s what Homer did. Homer was not a writer, he was a storyteller”. I’ve always had a fondness for aural storytelling. I once met one of the few traditional storytellers still working the pubs in the UK, in the old folk tradition. He was such a vibrant performer, living the story he was telling, sometimes veering off into the melodramatic, but always finding a way to convey his enthusiasm. I asked him if…

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