Need a good app to record stuff…

I came up with two cool phrases today but I only remember one of them: “corporate cute.”  Sounds like something already invented, but not yet a cliche so I’m still happy with it.

The other one was better.  I really need to carry around a tape device, or get an app that I can take notes with while driving, or right before bed, etc.  Anyone have a favorite app?


Folks over on are recommending “Evernote” and “Voice Talk”.  Also, apparently iPhones have a built-in notes functionality where you speak and it records it.



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2 responses to “Need a good app to record stuff…

  1. I record all my thoughts in OneNote, but I manually type it in. I think you can use Siri to record stuff into almost any document app. OneNote is great because you can have it on all your computers, phone, or any other device and all the information syncs and is always updated.

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