What a great morning

I just found out my humorous short story “He Will Lead Us” was published in an anthology with David Gerrold.  The David Gerrold.  The guy who wrote Star Trek’s famous episode “Trouble With Tribbles”.  The guy who wrote the “War Against the Chtorr” series.  The guy who wrote the most amazing psychological suspense/sci-fi story ever: “Starhunt”.  And now he’s the guy who’s in the same frickin’ anthology as me.

I’m feeling verklempt.




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6 responses to “What a great morning

  1. THIS IS HUGE!!!
    No, really, how’d you get the cover so big…?

  2. I LOVE your story!
    And it is followed by my story. Damn you and your “Monk” before “Moone” alphabet! How can I follow that story? (You have led me…)

  3. Slime becomes you…! XO

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