Be Your Own Health Hero

Hey, I kind of made 3rd place here! Woo hoo!


hero quote I’m a little late posting this (darn strep throat!). I was contacted by the American Recall Center and asked to write about my health hero — that person in my life that inspires me to lose weight. That was a little tough for me, as I have lots of support from friends and family.

Two Top Contenders
At first, the honor went to my good friend Elizabeth, my biggest cheerleader for the last 2 years. She’s always let me bend her ear about major food failures and workout successes. Also, she’s undergoing her own fitness and health journey, so it was easy to share my goals and concerns with her. She’s also working overtime to get me to do a Disney half marathon with her (need to get that 5K under my belt first). And though she lives on the opposite coast, she’s always ready with much-needed sage…

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