Creating A Weight Loss Kitchen

So this is our new pantry.
Oh, that’s where I put the Kahlua…


You’ve made your resolution to lose weight and feel inspired to start cooking healthy meals. But if your kitchen is a hot mess, it makes it all the more difficult to break bad food habits. Taking control of your kitchen is a great first step in the battle of the bulge.

That was my situation when I finally had it with my weight 2 years ago. Cooking in my kitchen was annoying. Not enough space. I could never find anything when I needed it. It was so much easier to order pizza…and pack on the pounds. After all, where you store food and how accessible it is really does decide how healthy you eat.

To lose the weight, I needed to take the fight to my kitchen. My plan – create a space without temptations and where I wanted to cook healthy foods.

I pretty much followed these 8 steps…

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