Best 1979 bicycle movie evah’!

My wife suggested we watch this tonight.  I was absolutely stunned.  Some of the acting was a little wooden, and I saw where the plot was going a million miles away, but it was a fun, happy, cheerful, giggly ride all the way to the end.  If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s some snappy dialogue in this movie.  Real good back-and-forth stuff, especially between the mom/dad/son (main character).  After it ended and I sat there gushing over it, my wife leans over and tells me, “It got an Oscar for best writing and screenplay written directly for the screen.”  She then told me it was nominated for Best Picture.  How about that?



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2 responses to “Best 1979 bicycle movie evah’!

  1. I won’t shun it, if I come upon it unawares-like. Not if you gushed. I trust your gushing instincts.

  2. Love to hear what you think, if you do.

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