The Cast of My Novel!

Carol Ervin’s post, below, is wonderful.  I actually read her book and loved it (disclaimer: she also read my book and reviewed it on Goodreads).

The cast of characters she lays out here are absolutely perfect.  Very clever post.

Have a look:

The Cast of My Novel!.


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4 responses to “The Cast of My Novel!

  1. I loved her post. I remember telling Carol that my sister chose Ashton Kutcher to play Jimmie, in “Hyperlink from Hell.” Who would you cast as the real Dan, in “Kick”? And then, for all the characters he gets kicked into? (I think we’ll only see them when he looks in a mirror, so we don’t get confused).

  2. Good question. I’m not sure who’d play the biker, Mike. But I’d choose Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad for “Kevin,” the junkie. Poor actor though, keeps playing junkies… For the the good-looking Nate, I’d have to play the part myself to keep it realistic.

  3. Yes, I can see that realism is your forte. What about Dan-as-Dan? He was how old when he died?

  4. Dan was about 19 or 20, on his second year of college when ‘it’ happened. He was sort of pudgy 🙂 Probably a better fit for me eh?

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