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Update on Scott Lynch’s rising debt…

Another author friend, Carol Ervin, purchased The Lies of Locke Lamora.  She’s also liking it.  This brings Scott Lynch’s debt to: 4.4625 cents.


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Update: Scott Lynch owes me at least 2.23125 cents…

The other day, I posted about Scott Lynch’s first book being on sale for 99 cents. I found out this morning that an author friend of mine is reading it and liking it (so far) and I was pretty happy.  That is, until I realized something troubling: this Scott Lynch guy is making with the dough while I do all the work!  That’s right: I struggled to get 33 followers on my blog, I did all the research (Bookblast subscription), I did a spell check on my post and even put a picture in it…and he laughs his way to the bank!

How I arrived at 2.23125 cents:

  1. 99 cent ebooks pay 35 cents royalty to the author
  2. 15% for his agent takes his royalty to 29.75 cents
  3. He has a big fancy publisher, and I don’t know much they charge.  I figure 50%.  That takes his royalty to 14.875
  4. Since I posted about his book on my blog, that basically/sorta/kinda makes me Scott Lynch’s agent, right?  Ok, that means I get 15% too.  15% of 14.875 is 2.23125.

When I get my check for 2.23125 cents, I’ll be reinvesting it into the blog. For the readers. I’m not like stingy Scott Lynch…


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Why I hate Scott Lynch

Because he publishes new books in the Gentleman Bastard series way too damn slowly (5 YEARS!!).  Good news though, the next one is out in early October!

Meanwhile, the first book, Lies of Locke Lamora, is out now for .99 cents 🙂  Woot.

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