My wife’s now ahead of me in the Hardcore History Podcast

So, my wife just got back from a blogger conference in Savanna Georgia (Fit Bloggin’), and when she got home the first thing she did was yell at me.  You see, she had all this great music lined up to  listen to for the 9 hour drive. Instead, she devoured all the Genghis Khan stuff and now she’s in the middle of WWI.  We just went to dinner and she wouldn’t stop talking about WWI.

I never knew any of this, growing up.  Fascinating stuff.

In case you missed it:



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6 responses to “My wife’s now ahead of me in the Hardcore History Podcast

  1. P.T. Hylton

    That’s awesome! I finished the 3rd Genghis Khan episode today. Really looking forward to the WWII stuff.

  2. I don’t drive, and I write on my train journey to work, so listening to this stuff is going to be difficult (especially with four kids in the house), but I’ll try to find time somewhere, you’ve got me curious.

  3. Haha annoying.
    I started with the stuff about Nipperdahling (sp?) and the religious end of world nutters from the 15th century – amazing stuff.

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